Online Banking FAQs

First-Time User Login & Multi-Factor Authentication

 How do I log in to Online Banking the first time?

The first time you log in to Online Banking, here’s what you do:

  • Click "I am a new user." from the Online Banking Login menu
  • Enter your Login ID (sent via e-mail) and click "Submit" button
  • Select a target to receive a temporary secure access code
  • Enter the code that you receive and click "Submit" button
  • Create and confirm a password and click "Submit" button

 What is Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for Online Banking is a way to keep your information safer by providing additional security “checkpoints.”  Our MFA system meets federal recommendations for stronger authentication by requiring a Login ID, password, and one time registration of your computer.

 What will happen once MFA is activated? 

You will be automatically prompted to register your computer the second time you log in to Online Banking. We will deliver your Secure Access Code for registration by telephone, text message, or in some cases, email. IMPORTANT NOTE: this Secure Access Code is for one-time use only, and is not a password. Your original password will remain unchanged.

 Can I sign in from different computers?


Yes, but you have to register each one. The registration process places a secure "cookie" on your device allowing that computer to be recognized for future Online Banking sessions. You will be prompted to register each device you use to access Online Banking (for example, a work  computer and a home computer). You will also be prompted to register each browser you use to access Online Banking (for example, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, if used on the same computer).

 What is a cookie?


A secure cookie is a small text file that is placed on a computer to help identify the user. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you clear or delete your cookies, you will have to re-register the computer the next time you log in.

Secure Codes, Login ID, Password & Security

I never received a secure access code in my email. Where did it go?

Secure access code emails sometimes get sent to your junk or spam email folder. If you still can't find it feel free to contact us at either of our branch locations 815-806-7001 Frankfort or 815-463-7002 New Lenox.

What if I forget my Online Banking login ID or password?

Don’t worry; it’s not hard to reset your password! Click "Forgot your password?" from the Online Banking Login menu.  You will be taken to a screen that will allow you to reset your password. If you forgot your login ID, you may contact us at either of our branch locations    815-806-7001 Frankfort or 815-463-7002 New Lenox.

The information in my user profile is sensitive. Do I have to provide my phone number/email address/address?

Yes, you do. But you shouldn’t be concerned. This information is transmitted over an encrypted, secure connection, and it’s used only by Customer Service Representatives to contact you with information relating to your account. Items marked with an (*) asterisk are required.

Who do I call if I need assistance?

Our customer support team is always ready to answer email questions at  or by calling either of our branch locations 815-806-7001 Frankfort or 815-463-7002 New Lenox. You can also send a secure message through Online Banking.

Can I reset my Login ID or password online?

Yes, you can. Here’s how it works: When you log on, go to Security>Security Preferences. You will have options to change your Login ID and password.

Why would I change my Login ID and Password?

It’s a good idea to change all your passwords periodically, for security reasons. If you ever believe your Login ID and/or password have been compromised, change them immediately.

Why does my contact information appear partially blocked?

We want to make sure nobody can look over your shoulder and steal your information. That’s why we mask, or partially block, the listing of your secure delivery contacts when you’re viewing them online.

I want to change my Login ID to MJOHNSON, but it won't let me. Why?

It looks like there’s already somebody in the system with that login ID. Yours has to be unique.

I'm trying to change my password, but it keeps telling me I have entered an incorrect password. Why?

Old Password really means your current password (it will be "old" once you change it). If your browser is saving your password, you may be remembering an older password. Enter your current password in the Old Password field.  

Is my personal information secure? 

Yes. Our top priority is ensuring that your information is completely safe online.  When you use the Online Banking Login menu from any page on our website, we use an encrypted transmission to send your Login ID and password to our secure banking address: That exact address will appear in the URL line. If you see any other address line, do not proceed with the transaction. Please report this right away to or 815-806-7001 or 815-463-7002. We will never ask you for personal information, such as account number, PIN, address, social security number, or password, in an email. Do not click on a link within an email if you suspect the message might not be legitimate. You should also never send personal or financial information in an email. Email is not a secure method of transmitting personal information. Please contact us by phone, in person, or through secure messaging if you need to communicate personal information.